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2014 Summer Tour

The Bus Driver Tour is currently on Summer Tour in the Western US in support of their 2014 release "Halfway Between". Check out the complete calendar at the Shows section of the website. Headquartered in Livingston, MT they will be performing throughout Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Utah.

New Album Available Now

The second album by The Bus Driver Tour, "Halfway Between", is a vintage style album complete with tube distortion, raw expression and the gleam of imperfection.

The decision to make such an album came out of a mixture of timing and philosophy. The band was eager to record an album that captured the honesty that often gets lost in overproduction. With only four days to record while on Spring Tour, they teamed up with producer Noel Webster, prior owner of Muscle Shoals Sound Studio. The model made sense in Noel's studio, a working museum of analog recording artifacts and the perfect place to capture that large, live, vintage sound.

The original Muscle Shoals building was used by the Black Keys to record their album "Brother", which Noel received a platinum record for, and "The Muscle Shoals Sound" was instrumental in recording legendary tracks by artists ranging from Bob Dylan and Paul Simon to The Rolling Stones and Lynrd Skynrd.

The gear that was used on Halfway Between is somewhat of a secret. The recording is mostly live with very little overdubbing, and the vintage spirit makes for an album that could have come from the reel to reel studio days of the 60's or 70's. Recorded as a snapshot of an honest performance, the band hopes that the vulnerabilities of the album captured on classic equipment give it all a little magic.

Old Hats

The Bus Driver Tour began in the spring of 2011 comprised of three songwriters- Ian Thomas, Paul Lee Kupfer, and Danny Freund. The three met a few years before while on tour in Montana. They traveled well together and gained mutual respect for each other as songwriters.

As the number of tours grew, so did the act. While on the road, they established themselves as each other's backing band, switching between guitars, drums and bass. The result has been an authentic blend of energy and momentum that is The Bus Driver Tour. Currently, the band calls Livingston, MT and Knoxville, TN home as they have deep admiration and musical roots in both States.

The BDT is proud to have Frank Bronson on tour playing the Fiddle. Frank is a talented young man from Knoxville, TN who will be making his first trip to Montana for the 2014 Summer Tour!


"...with Ian Thomas' infectious harmonica fueled melodies...Freund and Kupfer offer strong voices on their original tunes ... The song-swapping nature of the album makes the whole thing read as a rootsier version of the Middle Brother project that Dawes' (Taylor) Goldsmith was involved in a few years ago."
-WDVX (Knoxville, TN)

"...a throwback to a bygone slice of Americana, which the band and its bus seem to have no trouble summoning."
-Tristan Scott, The Missoulian (Missoula, MT)

"kick-ass trio, joined by fiddler Frank Bronson, entertains listeners and dancers with a mix of original blues, folk, country and rock, backed by sizzling instrumental talent."

"This one was born for three-part harmony, and the guys nail it."
-Mariss McTucker, Lively Times (Montana wide)

Well Traveled

The Bus Driver Tour has toured throughout the United States and Hawaii with heavy rotation in Montana, Wyoming and Tennessee. Some stops include:

Red Ants Pants Festival, White Sulphur Springs, MT
Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion, Bristol, TN
Gardiner Brew Fest, Gardiner, MT
Yellowstone Concert Series, W. Yellowstone, MT
Live From the Divide, Bozeman, MT
Live and Breathing

The Bus Driver Tour members have worked with:

Shovels and Rope
Taj Mahal
Carolina Chocolate Drops
The Avett Brothers
John Hammond
Cyril Neville
The Black Lillies
Sam Bush

BDT Headquarters:

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Download Busdriver Tour
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